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California Dept. of Transportation

We have performed asbestos and lead (paint and ceramic tile) surveys of 716 buildings (commercial / industrial, multi-family, and single family) in the greater San Diego, Los Angeles, Inland Empire (Riverside & San Bernardino) and San Francisco Bay areas, most under the 11 competitive bid contracts we have won. All of our work was started and completed on time, despite such obstacles as the need to travel, scattered site locations, vandalized or fire-damaged buildings, and the occasional need to coordinate with the Highway Patrol in dealing with sites occupied by vagrants. Our reports have always been ready within one to two weeks from the date of each site visit. All of the Caltrans project managers we have worked with have indicated that they were pleased with our work and that they would be happy to provide references to prospective clients. Done poorly, our work could have had an adverse impact on project schedules and could have lead to expensive change orders. However, by performing all work with senior experienced personnel and properly planning and organizing our work, we prevented such problems. We are very happy to have contributed to projects to provide better roads, such as the widening of I-405 HOV (car pool) lanes, the 125 freeway project, and new bridges in the San Francisco area.