Building 1533, Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Training Center, 29Palms

We identified approximately $125,000 of additional asbestos abatement work at the former exchange building which was to be demolished. The previous asbestos survey was badly deficient, a typical situation with surveys of military facilities. We performed a follow-on survey to identify all of the materials missed by the previous survey, then monitored and documented the abatement work. We issued our report on the abatement work on March 12, 2013.

Building 1533 Asbestos and Lead Survey Report

March ARB Building 100 Massive Change Order

We issued our abatement project report today on Building 100 at the March Air Reserve Base. Due to asbestos survey blunders by others, the abatement was greatly delayed while an approximately $250,000 change order was negotiated by the general contractor, our Client. We monitored and documented the abatement project after completing the follow-on asbestos survey in February of 2011 (see News article below).

National Association of Realtors Convention

F. Stephen Masek, President of Masek Consulting Services, Inc., spoke on the new lead regulations at the National Association of Realtors Convention in Washingtonn, DC at the Omni Shoreham. An attorney for the United States Environmental protection Agency was also presenting and complemented his presentation.

Correction of Survey Blunders at March ARB Building 100

Today we issued our Follow-On asbestos survey report on Building 100, a historic courtyard hotel, at the March Air Reserve Base. The previous asbestos survey report was severely deficient, as it has missed large quantities of asbestos contaminated soil under the building in the readily accessible crawl space, and friable pipe insulation scattered about the attic contaminating he building insulation.

March AFB Building 100  Asbestos, Lead, and Miscellaneous Toxic Materials Survey Report