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Office Building at
100 S. Vincent in West Covina, CA

In late 2005 we performed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, reviewed stacks of existing and poorly organized asbestos survey data, and prepared an asbestos management (O&M) plan to facilitate sale of the building to The Foothill Transit Agency. From July of 2006 to February of 2007 we performed a follow-on asbestos survey, monitored and documented abatement work for a complete renovation of all but the bank branch on the 1st floor, performed mold surveys, managed and documented mold abatement work, and performed limited lead surveys. The architect had not drawn the plans to show that the new HVAC system would require abatement and demolition of the duct shafts, the general contractor and/or subcontractors were continually trying to disturb asbestos containing materials on floors where the abatement contractor was not working, and a contractor blunder caused flooding and mold growth. We kept the abatement work moving along properly while dealing with the various other issues.