Property / Building
Condition Assessments

We enjoy helping you stay out of trouble and conserve your time and money. We have successfully done so at thousands of properties, and appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

If you are buying or financing a building, you need to know the status of the various building systems (roof, plumbing, electrical, parking, etc.). If you are selling a building, you need to know what building system issues sellers will discover so that you may address them. Building defects and building systems which are nearing the end of their economic and/or functional life may lead to significant unexpected costs and liabilities which have a material impact on the value of buildings.

We were performing property or building condition assessments prior to the development of the ASTM E2018 standard for Property Condition Assessments, and recognized the benefits of having a standard to which all parties involved in transactions could refer. Mr. Masek drafted portions of the original ASTM E2018 standard which came out in 1999.

Property or building condition assessments sometimes reveal surprising things. The top photograph shows a swamp, complete with cattails, on the roof of a retail building. The bottom photo shows a defective plumbing connection ready to burst and cause expensive problems in a high rise building.