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The Orange County Great Park
(City of Irvine)

We performed the asbestos, lead, and other toxic and hazardous materials survey and inspection work within tight budgetary and time limits, yet provided our usual very thorough services, locating hidden or multiple layers of materials, and thus avoiding change orders and delays (the abatement and demolition contractor complimented us on our thorough work, and informed us that they often expect to receive 20% or more in change orders on such projects, based on their frequent encounters with inferior surveys and inspections). In 2007 and 2008 we prepared abatement specifications, and conducted job walks. We completed monitoring and documenting abatement work in 50 of the buildings in August of 2009, catching and correcting deficiencies and glitches in the work of the contractors before they became problems and liabilities. We also provided mold survey, mold remediation project design, and mold abatement oversight, monitoring, and documentation services Property Condition Assessments of four buildings for an architect working on the project, and assisted with documentation for LEED® accreditation. Initially, we performed asbestos and lead surveys of 140 of buildings in 1999 when the County of Orange was planning to convert the former MCAS El Toro base into an airport.. In 2007 we performed asbestos and lead surveys of an additional 52 buildings within the portion which is becoming the Orange County Great Park. We also performed PCB, mercury, refrigerant, and miscellaneous toxic materials surveys of all of the 140 buildings within the park boundaries.