Mold & Indoor Air Quality

We enjoy helping you stay out of trouble and conserve your time and money. We have successfully done so at thousands of properties, and appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

We have assisted a wide variety of clients by performing mold and indoor air quality investigations to either identify problems, then plan, oversee, and document remediation work, or to ally concerns of tenants, employees, and parents of school children by showing that there were no indoor air quality problems. We have assisted with everything from small localized situations, to large condominium complexes with numerous problem areas, to high rise office buildings. We maximize quality and value by utilizing teams of two or three experienced senior consultants to perform mold and indoor air quality investigations. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment, such as our battery-powered air pumps for collection of non-viable mold samples, to maximize quality and minimize the costs of mold and indoor air quality investigations. While mold is essentially unregulated, asbestos and other toxic materials commonly used in buildings are highly regulated. Therefore, we also check and test for such toxic materials when we recommend remediation work involving demolition or removal of suspect building materials, reducing liability for all involved, and preventing costly change orders and delays which occur when such materials are discovered once remediation work has started.