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Stater Brothers Distribution Center
in San Bernardino
(former Norton AFB)

Over an almost 2.5 year period from late 2004 to early 2007, we performed asbestos, lead, PCB, mercury, and refrigerant surveys, developed abatement specifications, conducted pre- bid job walks, and monitored and documented abatement of the 162 acre site where the new 2.2 million square foot headquarters office and distribution center was constructed. To reduce abatement costs and speed the work to fit the owner’s schedule, we designed the project to simultaneously employ multiple contractors, and we had multiple consultants on site during much of the project. We corrected a lead survey blunder by another consulting company, saving the owner many tens of thousands of dollars (the other consultant had claiming that asbestos-cement siding on six large buildings was coated with lead paint, when the lead paint was actually on the stucco below it). We identified deficiencies and glitches in the work of the contractors before they became problems and liabilities, and dealt with regulators to keep the project on time and within budget.